What patients are saying about Wichita, KS chiropractor Dr. Matt Dopps.

"More than one year ago on my way home from Topeka, I found myself having neck pain and blurred vision.  I had been told I had a pinched nerve in my neck and did some physical therapy to improve this, but it did not help and I was scared.  My medical doctor never showed me the X-rays of my neck and a friend suggested a chiropractor because her problems were solved with tingling in her arms and neck pain by chiropractic treatment.  My first appointment Dr. Matt Dopps revealed the neck problems on x-ray and we began a series of treatments to correct my problems.  I  longer have a sore neck, blurred vision, or tingling in my arms.  Following his suggestions has enabled me to drive without pain, or symptoms.  My work is very stressful and with his help I am finding ways to reduce stress due to my posture and environment.  Life is very new and good thanks to his help!"  -Robert H.


"For years I suffered from lower back pain eventually that pain increased.  I found myself unable to do my job or normal everyday activities.  I was incapable of sitting, standing, or bending without pain and discomfort.  Looking for a more natural healing process I came to Dr. Dopps.  After four weeks I noticed my back pain was gone!  My mobility is better and I can move without pain.  I feel more balanced and my attitude is definitely better.  I've even been sleeping better with less interrupted sleep.  I didn't think it was possible.  I'm glad I made the decision to chose a chiropractor instead of using medicine or physical therapy.  I truly appreciate the results."     -Bridgett H.


"I came to Dr. Matt Dopps for severe pain in my shoulders.  A pinched nerve in my neck was the culprit.  Dr. Matt Dopps treatment got me pain free!  No more tingling fingers or shoulders or back pains.  

Chiropractors treatments are not just for back pain.  I was having bladder problems.  Not now!  Thanks to Dr. Matt Dopps adjustments!  I am so thankful.  The public's view of chiropractic is so misunderstood."    -Victoria 

I came into Dopps after many doctor appointments, MRI scans, and x-rays.  My current chiropractor wasn't helping either.  I had been having a lot of pain in my ribs and back since January last year.  I was in a wreck August 2014 and my back has had problems since.  I have been coming to Dr. Matt Dopps since December 22, 2015 and after seeing Dr. Matt my back has significantly improved!  When I first came in Dr. Matt had to help me lay down and get back up.  After several treatments I was able to start getting up and down myself.  Now, with several months of treatment, I am finally back to my every day routine with little to no pain.  My posture has improved and I have my mobility back.    THANKS DOPPS! 

"My 6 year old son see's Dr. Matt once a week to keep his body healthy.  His teacher sent a note home about how flu/cold issues are very high in his classroom and throughout the entire school.  She asked my son how he has not gotten sick yet, his response was, "I get adjusted by Dr. Matt!"  So next week when I go for conferences I have been asked to tell her more about chiropractic and a healthy immune system.  I can't wait."    -Salena A.


"Dr. Matt has relieved my frequent headaches and has gotten rid of the sciatica I've had for YEARS after having my daughter that another chiropractor couldn't. I sleep a lot better too. My daughter's wheezing from asthma has also been reduced from adjustments. Make an appointment!"   -Daniella G


"Dr. Matt is really helping undo some damage that has been there for years. Others have tried and not been successful but Dr. Matt is getting things in my back and neck to really move! I have been amazed and am incredibly thankful for Dr. Matt. If you need a great chiropractor who really knows what he is doing, go see Dr. Matt. I could not be more pleased."    -Lisa C.


"I have been treated by several chiropractors with specialties ranging from holistic healing, to kinesiology, to traditional chiropractic technique. After treatment with Dr. Matt Dopps, I feel great! The range of motion in my neck has dramatically increased, the flexibility through my torso is renewed, and I feel vastly healthier and stronger than I was before I began treatment. Dr. Matt Dopps is highly educated and carefully explains anything I question without making me feel ignorant. He is congenial, personable and uses gentle hands as he does the adjustments. The trust I have in Dr. Matt Dopps enabled me to bring my children to him for treatment for sports injuries. This has been of immeasurable benefit to my children. Their injuries have healed faster and more completely with chiropractic treatment than we could have ever expected. The office staff is wonderfully friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend being treated by Dr. Matt Dopps."testimonials


"Dr. Matt Dopps has been great for me. Ive felt healthier, pain free, and more aware of my bodies needs. He is knowledgeable and very friendly. He is always willing to answer any question and answers in a way that anyone would be able to comprehend. I started seeing him in my late teens and I plan on seeing him for the rest of my years in the Wichita area. I have never been so satisfied with any physician."


"I have found Dr. Matt Dopps to be knowledgeable, professional, gentle and genuinely concerned. The office staff is responsive, welcoming and carefully trained. The billing department works directly with my insurance provider, alleviating me of that responsibility and keeping my out of pocket expenses at a minimal amount. My condition has improved immensely and I am feeling great! I recommend Dr. Matt Dopps to my friends and coworkers."

"I initially sought treatment from Dr. Dopps almost 2 years ago for sciatic nerve pain. Dr. Dopps excellent chiropractic skills successfully relieved my pain after several weeks of treatment, and the pain has not returned."

"I have also been having a lot of hip pain for over 2 years due to arthritis. I consulted with Dr. Dopps and asked if he thought acupuncture might give me some relief. He thought it was very possible that acupuncture could help. After the FIRST acupuncture treatment I was PAIN FREE! I have remained pain free and have continued to receive acupuncture treatments. I am sold on the benefits of acupuncture and the care provided by Dr. Dopps!"   -Michael O.





A study from Blue Cross Blue Shield analyzed data from 85,000 beneficiaries in Tennessee over a two-year period which showed low back pain treatment with a doctor of chiropractic (DC) saves 40 percent on health care costs when compared with care initiated through a medical doctor (MD)

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